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I'm not sure how to stop this,
I can see where it ends,
but I don't know how to stop it,
from going to the beginning again.

It is endless,
a long road ahead,
I keep moving forward,
but it just gets longer.

Even after so many months,
it still aches the same,
I'm not sure why it feels like this,
why it hurts so much,
but I wish to stop this.

I remember the night they left,
a whole in my heart,
from a piece disappearing,
I can't replace it with anything.

Maybe I'm weak,
unable to handle life like normal people,
I should be better,
I should be ok,
but I can't get over this.

Losing myself,
drowning slowly,
I can't escape this hell,
I wish to talk with them,
that will never happen.

Maybe it's better,
if I fall under the tide,
let it drag me down,
at least I won't feel any pain.

It just keeps on going,
I can't seem to end it,
this unbreakable cycle,
breaks me over and over.


  • Great piece.

    Dec 23, 2021

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