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I love to be a lawyer

To set my client afree
To be for them defender
In Storm and troubled sea.

I love to be a doctor
My patients I could aid
Out of their sickness torture
That rains their souls to dead.

I love to be a driver
My passengers to convey
To their homes when day's over
And school them all away.

I love to be a trader
To serve my customers
All their daily needs to meet
While my needs too are met.

I love to make furniture
Like carpenters could do
To show beauty of nature
In what my hands can do.

I want to be a soldier
My country to defend
Get rid of evil doers
That bring harm to our land.

I want to be a scientist
To travel up the space
To see what every scientist has kept from every race.

I want to be a teacher
To catch the children young
And set them on the ladder
That take the skies along.
I love to be a preacher
To take the gospel round
To every nook and yonder
Where living souls surrounds.

I want to be a writer
Tovpour catharsis on my lines
To make my dictions tougher
And make my penning nice.


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