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I never felt like I would finally be done not a tear in my eyes not a regret that I know I’m not going to take anymore of this crazy bull shit. You have told me everything is my fault yet you are the one who waits till I’m fast asleep so you can sneak out and when I start to call you out on ur shit u get mad at me and tell me ur tired of me being jealous and I need to change yet ur going behind my back to see my older brothers girlfriend and then u tell me it’s my fault I opened the doors for her no you opened the doors for her and u keep saying it’s all me and I making shit up well I’m sorry but I’m not and it’s time I step back for myself now cause I don’t deserve this nor do my children. You flip out on me saying how I ruined ur life by contacting the woman u said that you fucked and paid $300 dollars for 30 minutes and yet she tells me ur a liter and then u tell me to leave u alone never to bother you anymore and so I do then after time goes by u want to call me over and over again and tell me u love me and yet everything is my fault we’ll I hung up on you this time cause I don’t need to listen to it anymore I’m done I don’t want to be with you anymore I’m not your rug that u can just step on anyway u like. I gave you my everything over and over again and now I’m getting to a point I’m losing my self and no I’m worthy of love I’m worthy of being protected I’m worthy of being in peace and being truly happy I’m worthy of everything that you never gave to me and I gave you my whole world while I was doing my best to make money and save u were spending it on other women and putting me down idk but what did you get out of it u enjoy hurting some one who truly loved u but I honestly can say that I finally did to u what u did to me and I don’t regret anything 


  • Dec 22, 2021

  • Dec 22, 2021

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