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I once used to puff miss Mary, to help keep my demons at bay.
Yet now that I've gone sober, they've all come out to play. And memories ahaunting, some of witch I hadn't known were there. This time there is no caving,  I will not fail you again; so I will try a coaping, with heartfelt words within my pen. 

Though rough as it may seem at times, Ive taken many steps to be; A bigger, and better person; the man I should have by now already known to be. Thyn precious daughter needs her Daddy, so far witch I cannot yet say i am. Help to guide, to teach, and protect her; providing everything, she could want or need even if just because I can.

To my beautiful princess know I'm so sorry, I know that I'm a little late.
Please, Forgive me and know I love you.
No more will there be 
A mistake.


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