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I was an only child 
always feeling lonely 
wanted a baby brother, 
who I can play and have fun with 
before my younger brother 
was born 
she does everything for me 
ever since I was born, 
her love for me makes me 
want to love people 
she was the one 
who was there for me 
and focus on taking care of me 
no matter she is my mother 
she also my childhood friend 
I’m not good at keeping myself safe 
she is the one who makes sure I’m safe 
one of my mother’s best friend’s husband 
also my childhood friend 
he sees me grow up 
My childhood desire to have a baby brother, 
have come true 
I supervise him ever since 
he was born 
when he immigrated to America 
he understands me at my level 
we hung out with each other 
eating snacks and watching videos, 
I take responsibility for supervising him 
and be his childhood friend but, 
one of them just died recently 
after my birthday in the year 2020. 


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