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Chains are prisons 
Chains are bounds
Chains are things that drag us down
Chains are things that won’t let us free
Chains are things that won’t let us sing

Freedom is love
Freedom is key
Break free from the chains and be free
Freedom is a dream
Freedom is a feeling within me

Wipe your memory clean
Don’t think about bombs 
Think about me
Think about all the cities that are clean
Think about the beautiful waves
Think about all the precious lives that were saved
Think about the joy in their eyes
Think about the endless sky

You could be …
You could be nice
You could be kind
You could be anything you want to be 
You could be mean
You could be bad
You could be anything you decide
You could be grateful 
You could be thankful
For all they’ve done for you

She is …
She is nice
She is kind
But she’s running out of time 
She is sat by herself 
She has no one else
She is sad and she lies
Around about all the time
She is used to being alone
Her heart is made of stone

Don’t blow up the bombs
Make it stop
Make it stop
Destruction on the roads
Teared a hole in my soul
Ringing in my ears
Wounds on my arm
I have nobody
I’m calling for help
I’m shouting save me
But again no one can hear me

Thank you and no i have not copied these.
These are all writen by me and message me your name and i will make a porm for you
Thank you!!!


  • Dec 20, 2021

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