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So BIHH I'm tired
Of you and your lies
Ain't no more crying
I'm just cutting ties 

I cried my last tear
When my momma died
Never walking in fear
Killing me; bihh you tried 

YOU kept running GAME
Held me past my time
Throwing dirt on my name
You ain't even mine

Yet it's been a year
You've fucked Jane and Doe
Kept me in the rear
But you didn't want to let go

Never playing number 2
When I'm number 1
The shit you took ME THRU
You had near idea where I was coming from

From the pit to the palace 
You never had MY BACK
You caused me so much malice
But I still stayed on track

When I peeked GAME
You tried to switch it up
Boy that's a damn shame
I've had enough

From all the BS 
You calling me a bihh
Can't let a bihh keep me stress
Best believe I'm gon' hit

Don't mind throwing paws
When it comes 2 me and mine
Quit 2 put a BIHH on pause
You steady wasting my time

You played yourself 
Trying to play me
Ain't no love left
And that's the way it's gon'na be

15yrs of misery
Bihh you had it coming
THAT SHIHH was old 2 you but new 2 me ain't no need in fronting

I've washed my hands
And turned the page
You mad I understand
It can't compare to my rage

Yet you were supposed to be my man..  ✌🏿πŸ₯€πŸ’”


  • Been there. Love your work!

    Dec 19, 2021

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