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That, life without love is a gross emptiness like a temple 
without prayer and without praise?

That, all prides are but as illusive as a dice, jus as the king is to his queen
but a happy slave in disguise?

That, when you are fallen, your joyous journey began. fed up with eternal bliss
like a boat sinking in the ocean of delight?

That, the two souls metamorphosed into one and, each feels the same, 
such that either cries out the tears of other one's pain? A symbiotic-romantic-emotion so to say!

Then how truth and realistic sort love is? is there any creature on earth that
feels the same? who are they? not Laila and majnun or Romeo and Rulliet. i guess!
With all the sweet and sugar-coated romantic delusions, why there more broken-hearts and more marriages falling apart?!

Is love not a mere phrases we love to sing and listen? a feeling we love to feel?
a pseudo happiness cherished in pretence? or a carefully-chosen-sweet lies we blindly mistaken  for the truth?

There may be such a thing ' true love' somewhere but, i cannot imagine the parties involve feel the same. Of anything; either happiness or pain. The one in this universe is impregnated with hypes and lies. For some reason, you may call it sugar-coated-lies. Perhaps, that's the bitter truth for, the love and lies have a strong ties, they become inseparably one.


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