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Alex: You won’t understand me and my life I appreciate it if you just do what I say, let go of me and move on with your life, live your life without me. 

Laura: I understand you and your life saying let go of you and move on just live my life without you, it hurt my feeling, as you see before I met you know my role as a good student I used to take responsibility at a young age at the age 14, I was like that 2 years in high school until I start to develop anxiety, insomnia, depression I felt helpless and hopeless nobody didn’t even care, can’t talk about what I was feeling instead I behave in a certain way that appeals to other people as a distraction and didn’t take me seriously before I had met you I was an independent and responsible person who was still busy until I finally met you. 

Alex: I understand you Laura as you know 

I felt that way from my childhood days to having a romantic relationship with you. 

Laura: Alex I know what it feels like for you and you’re not alone I understand being with me can be difficult because I can’t tell the truth about what I’m feeling it because I feel the same way as you, but can’t talk what I feel that causes me to behave in a certain way. 

Alex: Laura, can tell me why you always felt excited when we were in Arisa’s house and can’t stop talking about me? 

Laura: It’s because ever since I was a child 

I didn’t have many friends and I always 

hung out with both of my parents seeing people walking by, have been interested in people ever since I was born, and took me everywhere to find friends when I finally have someone interested in me and want to date me 

I can’t stop myself from feeling excited. 

Alex: oh now I know why you were feeling excited, appreciate you telling me I understand you better now. 


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