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Think you’re the one 
who can be bullied by people 
in your childhood days, 
as you didn’t know 
they should know 
I’m their target 
I’m American Asian 
having a disability, 
I have been a Christian 
25 years ago 
I can be bullied by people 
than you, 
I did tell them about my disability 
I will always be silent about my race 
I’m the person 
they’re trying to find 
they’ll never know why I love to eat Chinese foods 
they’ll never know why 
I love listening to Chinese music 
they’ll never know why 
I have Chinese culture clothes 
they’ll never know why, 
 red is a lucky color in China 
they’ll never know why 
my family members 
celebrate Chinese holiday, 
You’re not the only one 
who can be bullied by people 
they try to find a person like me 
more than you, 
I’m the person who wants you 
to protect me 
from people who want to bully me, 
I’ll protect you if you protect me, 
I’ll love you if you love me 
we both want to be comfortable 
with each other, 
you’re not the only one 
who have been hurt 
I can be more hurt 
than you
nobody won’t love me 
because of being an American Asian 
and having a disability, 
I remembered when you told me 
you accept me as who I am 
 I remembered you told me 
you loved me, 
even though I’m Asian and have a disability 
I thought you’re the person 
is the right person for me, 
you accept me as who I am 
as you didn’t know 
I accept you as who you are 
I love you and your disability 
you can stand out different as 
other people but, unlike 
other people, I accept you 
as who you are 
you’re perfect just the way you are 
I understand you’re not the only one 
even though I’m a person 
in a typical world, and I’m 
a person just like you, 
you’re not alone 
I’ll give you my shoulder 
if you feel like crying 
I’ll be by your side 
all I want to be your best friend 
and be your girlfriend 
live a life with you by my side. 


  • Dec 15, 2021

  • Dec 15, 2021

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