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I came from a little town in Seattle 
didn’t have a lot of friends 
most of my time, 
I spent time with both of my parents 
watching people going by
have been interested in people,
ever since I was born 
my mom took me everywhere 
to find friends 
When I was a child 
I was excited about my birthday 
have been traveled a lot 
don’t blame me 
have been busy 
ever since I started high school 
know my role as a good student 
do what my teachers what me to do, 
I take many responsibilities 
my teachers and classmates 
attracted and amazed by 
my hard work as a student
there’s a person who was 
my distraction, 
it’s causing me to lose concentration
I felt tired and weak 
I have an emotional barrier within me 
cause me to behave in a certain way 
that cause people to gossip rumors 
about me behind my back, 
they also said many things to me 
through my emails 
I won’t remember a lot of negativity 
people have given me, 
I have been through a lot 
in my teenage years 
Don’t blame me 
what you experience in your life 
is what I have been experience 
I have been through the same as you 
when you were with me, 
I understand what it feels like for you, 
I have a lot of empathy toward you, 
I have a life that makes me understand you 
it’s hard for me to let go, 
I’m a complex person 
I'm just like you, 
I have been sensitive later in my life 
and now make it hard for me 
to move on with my life. 
Don’t blame me 
if your disability is my barrier. 


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