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In truth, I've done a lot of wrong.
Letting anger win that many times;
Guided me toward losing who I was.
I ruined friendships because of my heart.
I ruined a lot of things, including myself.
They'd always choose my friends;
Then I'd ghost to find a way through it.
I ghosted several as well;
Because I didn't know how to believe in me.
Was it the best option?
More than likely not;
Because it never truly worked.
I started cutting a lot;
Started always wearing long sleeves.
I began drinking, a lot more than I should.
I turned into what I feared most;
Then I fell even further down the cliff.
I am worthless.
I am not worth a chance.
A neverending lost cause;
I let them use me to get what they wanted;
Because it made me feel useful.
I realize now, that too, ruined me further.
I wish I could heal;
I want to heal, I'm tired of this me.


  • Ari  Buhagiar

    Ari Buhagiar

    This is full of emotion and I hope you're doing ok. I know how shitty life can be but when you get to your lowest you need to start finding a way to be your best again. I know these may just be words to you but umm words are more powerful than some believe.

    Dec 22, 2021

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