If It’s So Bad Why Does It Feel So Good Read Count : 48

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Pulp Fiction
“Im bad but it feels so good. My lust for sexual desire is unquenchable. I’m bursting with pride, completely vain to the bone. Envy fills my heart with greed because there’s always more in life to be had. I consider gluttony natural. Don’t condemn me because I was born with an insatiable hunger and sloth like ambition. No One likes to work and everyone has to eat. But don’t get me wrong, if crossed the wrong way I’ll release relentless wrath upon you and there will be blood. Maybe you’re different and boring with an extreme love for harp music. That’s fine, do what makes you happy. But if you change your mind you have my number. 666 


  • Dec 31, 2021

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