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So not wanting to get to close you set boundaries you tell me you can only offer excitement no stability just fun the thing is while I know better I still wanna see where this excitement takes us you say you like being alone why is that I know sometimes people need space I mean we are all human and we all need space but I wanna get into that brain of yours and see how you really tick 
Excitement sounds really good but commitment to me is life always feeling for that person always wanting to tell that one person all the good and bad news that smile you can both give each other by just the thought of each other its a magical thing.
What to you is stability?
Are you holding on for someone?
Don't you wanna share arguments and still feel like life without that person isn't life. 
I'm easily attached so forgive me if I keep my hands to myself even doe I may not want to 
I really like you and getting to know you is something I would really like to do 
This isn't for me Is what I said to you being honest is me saying jealousy gets the better of me I am an overly jealous person loving and also giving knowing that there maybe another female out there getting the same treatment I'm getting pushs me to over think dig up, dig holes so I can just climb in it and bury myself, Because the only thing I ever really find is hurt pain, lies, deceit, knives that were clearly meant to be placed in my back.


  • Dec 12, 2021

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