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I’m trying to see 
different angle 
from two sides, 
people think I’m heartless 
I want people not 
to see me like 
I’m a bad woman, 
I’m not trying to be rude 
or being mean 
to make people to hate me 
I want people to see 
if they think I’m heartless 
You don’t know I used 
to feed the hunger 
gardening in the cemetery, 
used to join the student against violence 
everywhere club in high school 
I care for people with disabilities 
I’m not a selfish person 
nobody says thing make, 
make me feel comfortable 
I have been anxious 
nobody knew what I experience 
all they think I was a person 
I do have two personalities 
I can stand out like typical people, 
I can stand out like people with disabilities 
do you think it is easy for me? 
have two personalities 
that makes me don’t know 
who I am,
my first ex’s disability 
was my barrier 
that make me can’t
do things like other people 
want me to do 
I want to help him 
make his life easier 
wish I could adapt to the new change, 
I just can't, 
I feel scared of people 
figure out his disability 
is my barrier, 
how are they going to treat me? 
I’m the person 
who have the ability 
interested in people 
understand differences, 
I’m the people who have a big heart 
my love of people 
will never end, 
all I want them to feel 
they’re important and value 
make them feel comfortable, 
my mother’s love for me 
make me want to love people 
provide all they ever want and need
know what they experience 
and how they feel, 
I’m a person with a lot of love for people. 


  • Dec 09, 2021

  • Dec 09, 2021

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