Loser, (Take Two) Read Count : 64

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I'm up late again
Watching my head spin
With no mirror I can look in.
Like fuck, I'm out my mind again;
I failed again
Because I never did what it took to win.
Haha, they're all laughing again
Fucking making my ears ring.
Listen to the words, they might make a ding
Like a light bulb, I'm on and off again.
Yeah, I'd throw up in the trash bin
But I'm holding a toilet tryin'
Not to lose a lung again.
Yup, I'm a bit high strung
I kept living my life wrong
I may as well just get fucking hung.
Like nope, can't tell where the beats from
It's all fucking pieces called crumb
On a floor with no clue where it came from.
Maybe this is too dumb
All I do is twiddle, thumb after thumb.
There's no way to stop when they come.
I just wish for some
That their dreams aren't gone
Like mine were done
Soon as I buried my heart underground.


  • Dec 10, 2021

  • Dec 20, 2021

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