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Being a Teenager
is not that easy 
we have many things, 
being in many choir activities 
have a very tight schedule 
deal with negative experiences, 
have many volunteering duties 
hang out with friends 
have a massive crush on a popular guy 
being dislike of not controlling 
what we feel and how we behave, 
we can’t control what is inside us, 
we can’t control our mental illness 
we can’t control ourselves by being sensitive 
we’re born this way 
we didn’t mean to be mean or rude 
we just can’t communicate what we feel 
that make us behave in a certain way, 
we’re the same person as you 
being an adult 
is not easy 
we have many things,
being a housewife 
being like a male going to work 
take care of you 
going grocery shopping, 
we do yard work 
we wake up early 
to make breakfast for you, 
We work from home 
cook lunch when you get hungry 
we take a break for a while 
wait for dinner time 
we cook dinner 
tell you when dinner is ready 
we eat dinner, 
we wash dishes 
our job as a parent 
is not easy you think 
it is
being a teenager and being an adult 
both sides are the same 
not to think our job as a teenager 
is not easy you think it is 
we’re the same as each other 
didn't assume we have our job 
as a teenager and adult is easy,
we both are tired it is still worth it is part of life 
shortly in the future 
we teenager will become 
an adult just like you. 


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