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I grew up in Seattle 
have been interested in people 
ever since I was born, 
didn't have many friends 
I was the only child 
spend my time with both of my parents 
at the age of 3 
I got pneumonia 
when I was in China 
I almost got kidnapped 
this neighbor leader 
knew my grandpa 
flew back to Seattle 
I almost got hit by a car 
traveling around the world 
going to many places, 
I used to be positive about life 
ever since I was a child 
I was a likable person 
I was polite and well-mannered 
love to make people laugh and smile 
whatever guest came to my house, 
I gave them something to drink 
if they ever feel thirsty
Whatever I go 
people attracted by
my positive attitude 
they can’t resist showering 
me with many gifts, 
I bring the joy of happiness 
to people 
left my childhood life behind 
at the age of 14 
become independent and responsible
at a young age, 
I was still a likable student 
I followed the rule 
used to adapt to change 
do what my teacher wants me to do 
knew what is my role as a good student 
I was busy with many choir activities 
have extra volunteering duties 
I need to do,
is not easy for me to find love 
due to not being good at control 
what I feel and what I behaved,
people started to dislike me 
they have many negative things said about me 
behind my back 
have the ability of 
not remember what people said about me 
at the age of 21 
I was busy with two college classes 
one at Bellevue 
another at Bellevue College,
hung out with a group of friends 
I finally find my true love 
we’re meant to be with each other 
we’re the same person 
we both are a sensitive person 
we both understand each other, 
we both have a deep connection 
with one another. 
our love should be connected 
not to be separated 
we should not listen to negative 
things what people said about us 
why he has to be hard on himself? 


  • Dec 08, 2021

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