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From the moment I met you I truly knew. I was crying and scared balled up in a corner   You sweetly came over and softly asked why I was crying I showed you why and you immediately knew what to do   You made me better and I knew I was going to okay. Everything was rainbows and sunshine whenever I would see you from time to time and in between it was chaos and longing. Something about being with you made life better. I felt on top of the world. I always felt like a lady and at the same time like a obedient little girl looking up at her father with admiration and like woman wanting nothing but to please her husband.  We lost touch  I moved to Michigan to get away from all the drugs and pain I got my life together met a guy and we moved in together still I can’t put you behind me so I hunted you down found out you were in prison  started to write you but before I did I thought you were so great and talked so highly of you that I convinced my new boyfriend that you were that great to. So he didn’t mind me writing you. You wrote back   And I kept writing. I didn’t stop or cease I just kept writing and then wee wee talking on the phone  after a bit I moved back to be close to come see you  and never lost the feeling I felt   Even just writing gave me that feeling again life went in I kept writing then life happened some more and we lost touch again a tragedy hit me hard and lost touch some more years passed I still could not put you behind me. I hunted you down again and the second I heard your voice all those feelings came rushing back like no time list no beat skipped Talked to time to time   Then life happened again and we drifted apart then I hunted you down again and wow the feeling are back again no beat skipped   Now I wait for you patiently for you to come to visit me  I hope I never have to be without you again. 


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