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As I keep messaging and messaging cause he can’t even give me a real complete answer come on Kaylyn yes he’s been with someone else why else he’s not trying to be anything with you and he ignores all ur messages and he can’t even tell me sorry nor that he doesn’t love her all he can say is I’m done with you and your jealously oh I’m sorry the last time I remember I caught her pulling her black leggings up walking to the bathroom door while you’re going pee with the door wide open and she can clearly see ur penis on top of the fact I had seen multiple phone calls not just for 5 minutes but for like 30 minutes to 45 minutes and let’s not for get the time you told me she couldn’t really suck that good I’m sure by now she’s doing something right cause the last time I saw her you chose her over me. You protected her lies and ur own. You let her laugh at me as I have been crying in pain and hurting like hell and then I ask if she’s going to be around cause I can see how u feel about her just by the way u look at her and how she fights me just for u but u take her side over mine and yet you tell me I’m not going to lie to u so stop digging in whons and I can say I’m not going to call her or visit her and not once could he tell me I was wrong not once could he tell me sorry or I love you not her I want u not her! The pain of the person you love loving someone else is the most amazing painful experience I’ve ever felt in my entire life for a man to allow another woman to laugh and belittle u while he just runs away to go meet her and to leave me. 


  • Dec 06, 2021

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