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You never knew I’m the person 
who is perfect for you 
there no other person,
who lived a life like Rapunzel
came out to love to 
challenge herself, 
I used to love to not depend on authority 
knew what is my role as a good student 
I know how to be a likable person 
I will not convince you to change your mind, 
I’m a person who loves to move around 
your life is perfect for me, 
I’m not always going to perfect but, 
I love to learn from my mistake 
you assume I treat you poorly 
if I’m being honest I didn’t treat you poorly 
you’re wrong to think of me that way 
you never knew what is my strength are, 
if you’re going to give me a chance 
I’ll show you what my strength is, 
if not, you’ll never know 
I was loved by both of my parents
love people ever since I was born 
ever since then is easy for me 
to be a likable person
I understand what it feels like 
not to be liked by people 
due to being busy and can’t 
express what I was feeling 
can’t control what I behave, 
I’m not the person you think I am not assumed I treat you poorly 
my love came from my mother,
I’m a person who wants to love 
I want you to not feel scared 
my love for you, 
 I’m not ready to be friend 
with you, I still need about another year 
to decide if I want to get back to you 
is not your choice to force me to 
do what you want, 
I’m still trying to find a balance 
that makes us both feel happy 
instead of making both of us feel discomfort. 


  • Dec 06, 2021

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