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Two tears tie my heart,
Torn by a wound then a scar.
Two hands break the sound
Between our thoughts,
Hearts and minds. 

Alone than my loneliness,
Sadder than my sadness,
More thoughtful than my own thoughts,
I am more broken - being in love
Than I have been broken before - being lonely.

Two lies hurt my tongue: "I'm fine. You'll be fine." Kiss after kiss, you bite my lips,
Drowning me in tears when you leave,
You're like others.


  • Dec 03, 2021

  • Dec 03, 2021

  • Dec 03, 2021

  • Great poetry, hope you are OK, take good care of yourself and have a nice December 😊😊🐱👍👌🐝

    Dec 04, 2021

  • Jan 04, 2022

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