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                     When Dad and I had started to talk to one another for the very first time in my whole entire thirty eight years of my life was after I had seen his comment back to my Aunts (dad's sister) Facebook post which of course I was excited about seeing his comment back so I took it upon myself to get some courage as well of course the guts to send him a simple message on messenger for I myself had been trying to get in contact with him off and on throughout the thirty eight years of my life and he himself had been doing the same thing as I had with no luck until right before father's day what great timing right? We were going to finally meet for the first time ever but instead something horrible happened to my dad that made it impossible for him to make the trip out here in Salt Lake from Colorado but that's okay because about two or three weeks later we had finally got that once in a lifetime opportunity for us to not only meet each other but we also got to meet my two half sisters on dad's side as well as my Aunt for the first time as well. Even though dad was only able to be here to visit with me in that short visit the bond that we had made was so close and tight that I couldn't even believe how that bond between father and daughter could ever be made so strong as we had after his visit I had spent the whole three days of my dad's visit out here with me that when it came to say our goodbyes until the next time we hopefully get to meet again and as I had given my last final hug before I watched dad drive away to go back home I had found myself in tears because my daddy had left me again but little did anyone know three days later I received a message from dad saying he was on his way back to his baby girl to not only to take him in and get to know one another better but for me the youngest one out of my siblings to take care of good old dad the very best that I know how to anyways. No I am not going to sit here and lie to you but I'm not saying that taking care of seventy three years young dad is hard to do and I am not saying that it's an easy thing to do because I would lying if I had told you that it's a hard or a easy thing to take care of good old dad because there are many days that are easy and many days that it's hard taking care of dad but I don't mind it, sure he hadn't been in my life for thirty eight years of my life but he is at least putting in the effort to be in my life now before he doesn't have that chance to be here in his baby daughters life and as we both know that dad is just on borrowed time right now before our great lord above will be calling Dad to come back home and then again I will miss my good old dad but I will never forget the time we had talked and the very first time we had met nor will I ever forget the special time I had to not just have my dad share my life with me but to be able to do what every little daddy's girl wants to do when they are still running around with a diaper or a pull up on is to take really good care of her daddy, but I think what I am going to miss the most is my dad's stories as well as his sense of humor, God Dad I'm Sure Going To Miss You When You Are Gone,Until We Meet Again.

                 I Love You Dad Always & Forever, Love Your Daughter 
                                           Donna  Ruttenbur     
                                  Written on December 2,2021


  • Dec 03, 2021

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