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Back To January in 2010 
I was a good student in high school, 
I was like you 
follow my teacher’s standard rule 
even though my academic grade 
were special, 
do what my teacher wants me to do 
at first, is easy for me to control myself 
like typical people 
many people love to be my friend 
unlike other popular people 
I never vape or never smoke, never 
do naughty things 
not depend on my teacher’s help 
know my role as a good student 
as you didn’t know 
I use to accept change
keep my good student status 
I was like you,
used have burnout 
when I felt stress 
I was like you 
went home in my bedroom 
my mom heard me crying, 
she comforted me 
it hard for me to talk about 
what I was feeling
this barrier makes me 
can’t control what I behave and 
what I say in a certain way, 
if I can go back to September 
when we first met 
told you the truth 
what happens to me, 
would you still love me? 
back in my mind, I'm still thinking about you, 
I feel scared of losing you 
I’m afraid that you’ll find someone 
I’m scared of reaching out to you 
if I do I’m still will lose you,
if you won’t say things give me anxiety 
I won’t behave or say things 
make you feel discomfort. 


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