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I swear that when I see your face, my soul lights up and when you peep your face through the window the world flowers in winter. I remember the first time I saw you, you were walking and unintentionally let your scarf fall, my hand without my permission grabbed letting out a smile out of your face; so fresh like the rain, the most beautiful I saw. You are the sound of the Sparrows singing near my window, so special, enventhough you don't think so. You smell like freshly cut grass in the mornings, sweet and natural; you're like flowers in the spring, so beautiful and unique. You taste like ink and scribbles in my paper as I write and order my ideas.You're the sun rays hitting my window, full of warmth and the softness of your skin are like the writting on this paper, each curve and line fits so right, so meaningful. When I listen to your voice I hear the angels singing in heaven. 

When we put together our hands I feel so clumsy, so soft  that it feels like the air at night of a hot summer, so cool and precise. You taste like sweet bread with coffee in the mornings and your hugs are like soft sheets touching my skin. Sometimes you show what you're feeling and your lips are like hot chocolate near a fireplace during a snowy winter night. I make rhymes in my old notebook, so many words written that I already have a closet full of pages describing every feeling that you make me feel. Our voices fall asleep together as your confusion disappears during this dance in this dark room.Your lips look better along with mine. My freedom is giving you everything you ask of me. If you feel the same as I do we' ll go to the end together.


  • Dec 02, 2021

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