The Chain Of Your Love Read Count : 24

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You say that you're going to let go of my hand so that I can fly away and that you're trying to save me from all of this pain.

¿Tell me that it gives you the right to want to save me?

Cant you see that I want to remain chained in your jail and by you saying that I should leave because I'm on time to escape to my freedom, youre not sparing me.

You're trying to hurt me, not saving me from the pain.

Cant you see that it's with you I want to be, 
in good times or bad I want to remain in the cage of your love. don't want to spare me, 
nor are you trying to hurt're trying to kill me.
You're killing me.


  • Holy snap, great read. 🍻

    Nov 30, 2021

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