Longer Than I Can Live Read Count : 28

Category : Poems

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May the Lord leave you in my life
Longer than I can live,
Longer than I can bring air into your lungs.

May you love me as you have never been loved
But you always wanted, but always wrote
Whole songs about it. 

May I have enough days
To make you happy days,
To bring the sun in your soul
When the rain comes. 

May the Lord keep you only for me,
'Cause when I look into your eyes,
I know that I have found everything
I was looking for,
And I sigh deeply
When you start kissing me...
Kissing my neck too,
Kissing your lips back.


  • Nov 29, 2021

  • Great work 😊😊🐱👍👌🐝

    Dec 06, 2021

  • Dec 29, 2021

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