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What blood colour do you have?Do you have Pink or green blood?No,You have Red colour as I have!!Yes I am a indian,Yes I may not be as fair as You all some Reader!but I do have Red blood colour as yours!!Some People are soo racist!!,They think They are better then others just because they are white or fair!!We Think black are Africans and white are Americans.!!They both may have Different believe,tradition or Religion but we should never hate anyone by their skin colour!!No one is better or good!!It is foolishness to think ourselves better then others.Why should any one be proud of their colour?Some hate black people but just think even our moles are black but we do love black moles,some wear black clothes because They like but they hate black People!!If you love black Moles,black dress,black hair,black eyes then why do you hate black people?It is just foolishness to love everything which is black in colour but hate black people!!If you have soo much of hate for black people then why don't you Remove your black Mole by a surgery,and don't wear any black clothes,don't keep anything black in colour in House or office or car!!Can you?No, Right?Some may think They can remove Their Black Mole by a Surgery but just imagine yourself with out a Mole it looks soo Ugly;!!And incomplete!!So accept black Mole and black people!!If you love Black Mole then Love black people also!!What is The fault of those people who are not Fair or white!!It is god And sun who gave them black and brown colour!!Skin colour is just a Mark given by sun or God for the Identity of A particular place!!Black people are also Human like us!!They bleed when we cut them like we do!They feel Hungry like us!They Laugh when We tickle them like we do!Do we or they have different blood colour?If some one unknown comes and says you bad things and hurt you,Will you be happy and laugh?No,Am I right?Physical pain or injuries can be healed after some time but the pain given in heart can never be healed!Don't hurt anyone by hating them Just for their skin colour,Even they Get hurt like we do!love everyone as you respect your mother,care for everyone as you care for your sister or brother.Now before you all hate anyone and hurt them Just Think how hurt you were when somebody hated you and hurt you!Even black people feel the Same pain and get hurt like you!!Believe in goodness!!Don't make your Heart black and hard as stone by Hating others And by being racist..Make your Heart pure and white!!Beauty is in heart not in face!!Yes but everyone are not racist!!Some love black People!!Once I was in a train travelling to another state!!Where I saw a couple,both were outside the station waiting for the train to arrive but both were not same!!The man or a guy was white and women was black in colour.Both loved each other truly!They came inside the Train and Sat just opposite to my seat! Both talked To eachother so sweetly.They were looking like an angel from heaven!They were truly a soulmate made by a invisible power i.e,God himself.The Guy Saw Beauty in The girls heart not face and loved her which is a true love!!Nowadays true love is really hard to find!!Love is like a myth!!Everybody loves and sees Face and beauty but does not see inner heart!!A love for a soul or heart is a true love!!So be like Them whose heart was pure and white..Even black people are beautiful not only whites!!Everyone have it's own beauty..We get nothing by hating black people except rudeness,coldness but we do gain everything by Loving everybody even black people..
© Vidhyasha 


  • Nov 30, 2021

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