The Cool Kid Not What You Think/book 2 Read Count : 20

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Comedy
Hello this is from the book 1 called just the cool kid and on that book we started off on this chapter 2 not what you think so now you know then it ended there now we are on the book 2 lets start :) chapter 1 not what you think page 1 now you know that the cool kid will be revealed and like i said it would be bad and so now on this will be the cool kid not what you think the cool kid is not a cool kid hes something else yes i said it something else and that you know that he will always be a mystery and for now the cool kid is a zombie trying to be a human and you know that and i got proof oh wait oh come on i deleted it but i did have a vid that i saw him biteing someone REEEEEEEE!! This is the mystery and this will be continued in book 3 goodbye and it will be made at sometime book 3 is in writers place


  • Nov 29, 2021

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