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We think we know them, we think we can compress them, yet we confused them all of the time,

trickster they are.

Time and time they've shown us that they're in charge yet we choose to think we are, and choose to think that we can tell them what to do or better yet compress them forever.

Don't get confuse my friend

Words and feelings are not the same metaphors are mere straws of the intellect, those we can dictate,
but emotions
no no
no matter how hard we try

They're like mother nature, always doing what they please and you can't do anything to stop them.
Compress them you say
 he he
easier said than done
How hard it's to do that action, that temporary relief, it's like treating the symptoms and not the cause, it'll take accounts from you, you'll be held responsible for what will happen next.

They'll come back to charge their dues, and when they do they'll be implacable, stronger than ever and will harm you.

Its showtime time 
display them,
give them the spot light you say
He he 

If you do that you might or might not like what they make you do.

They are like the mafia, painting a beautiful image infront of you while holding a revolver behind it, tying you forever to them and you always owing them more than what you've asked. 

Its unavoidable, 

Fact is you'll never win with them, whether you hesitate or go all in you'll always get the shorter part of the stick.

They'll do what they please and all you can do is pretend that you dictate them. 

Emotions, love, romance?¿
What is love, is it romance, or is romance part of love. Is it the thrill of the moment, just a dream, a fiction of my imagination, or a falsehood that fills the emptiness of life.

So many questions with no answer.

Is love romance, no romance or is there romance in love; so many emotions in one word or can they intertwine roles, do these two words need eachother or can they be on their own?

Question after question,
thoughts after thoughts, 
making you insane.

Fact is that emotions are like a game of chess game sometimes they'll let you win but most of the time it's checkmate.


  • Nov 28, 2021

  • Nov 30, 2021

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