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It is Thanksgiving in America, a time where folks gather with family and friends to give thanks. While the holiday of thanksgiving has its roots in history far in the past, the ideal behind it still holds true. A friend of mine from the US wished me happy thanksgiving before asking me if we celebrate it here in Malaysia. I smiled and thanked her for sending me her best wishes as I appreciate her thoughtfulness. I told her that we do not celebrate Thanksgiving here but for me personally, every day is a good day to be thankful to God, which she agreed wholeheartedly with me. 

I have so much for which to be grateful, especially in my life's journey. While I still have hurdles to overcome, I still freedom with which to make my way and pave the road that I drive to making dreams come true. The freedom to choose is among the greatest gifts that I enjoy here in this life, and I’m grateful that no matter what happens, I still maintain the ability to steer my own destiny. 

We are each blessed, to whatever degree, and while there are those who focus too heartily on meaningless material blessings and comparative advantages, I choose instead to highlight the blessings that no amount of money can purchase, which is the good people in my life. I’m so grateful for the few who have nobly stayed loyal, for those shining examples of true friendship, genuine love and unbreakable trust. I hope that each of you takes the time to thank those in your lives who measure up to such standards, who hold fast to you while the winds of change blow away the rest. 

I’m so incredibly grateful to my best buddy, who has the remarkable ability to truly understand me and has always appreciated and accepted me for who I am. I appreciate the writers here who labor to make Writer's Outlet a friendly environment. There are similar wonderful people in your own life too. I hope you’ll take a moment to thank them, whether with a hug, a positive message or phone call. 

Last but not least, I thank those of you who’ve consistently taken the time to read my words, to help me feel heard and appreciated here on this platform. I’m trying to help make it a positive place, filled with more encouragement and hope, but that wouldn’t be possible without those of you taking the time to acknowledge it. You have my sincere gratitude. 

To those of you celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish you the very best this thanksgiving holiday, and would encourage you to pass this idea along to others.


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