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The sky is too low for how high
You make me feel.
The stars on it make your eyes shine
When you smile at me.

This heart is too small
Compared to how much love I wear. 

My arms would go on a long journey
If they could no longer feel your arms over.
To meet you again and bring you closer,
To stay with me forever... always in love.

I can't get the words to describe you right,
That's why sometimes I don't have a voice
To shout out loud.
A voice to laugh about my clumsiness.
Always together, always close to you.

This world is too big to fit in our world,
If we're just two shooting stars,
Let's die together... to rise at sunset,
Falling deep in love.


  • Nov 24, 2021

  • Nov 25, 2021

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