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It's in the middle of night

In a half sleep daydreaming

you called my name

I was alone as always

when there is no light except mine

the wind started to blow my face

but not my mind cause I'm piece of shit

the sun has burned my skin alive

the monster keeps calling my name 

like almost every night

and I had that dream

when you looked so sad

I was asking, are you okay?

no answer

you kept quiet

And I wonder in real life what's bothering you

you didn't say anything

We have had arguments

we were yelling each other

you didn't give me chance to speak

always cut my line to say what you want to say

I understand you were upset 

and I was the one who put you into that situation

It hurts so much when you hung up the phone

then I wish you would text and comfort me after all those fights

I was in tears all night

I didn't sleep, I couldn't even you asked me to

I've got headache 

my body got damn tired

I don't wanna fight, please

I told you million times

but we always go back to the same circle

If you were sad, I was too

I'm broken but I'm still here

try to fix things

and make things go right

I don't walk away

I've been trying so damn hard

until I don't have anything to say to win you back to me

You said you were always alone

then I said I do too in real life

but I always have you in my life

I apologize by making you feel this way

I supposed to treat you better

I supposed to make you feel happy

now you were hiding 

it was a magic night

when I stole your heart 

and I didn't take care of it 

instead I have hurt you

in the midnight crime I've made

by my dramas and not put you as my priority

I get it

It's my fault

It's sadden me

It broke you into pieces

it made me even useless

It's been 18 months and I kept disappointed you

I'm so sorry

I miss you

I wish I could turn back time

and being as wise as you.


- Vivian Lin


  • Nov 23, 2021

  • Nov 23, 2021

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