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Female: There is a lot of cyberbullying going on around me in my high school and a lot of cyberbullying in this special program I was in, 
all I can do was be in my happy place and I won’t come out. 

Male: My childhood was not that great I got cyberbullied and got teased by my insecure name and my disability, I hid from the world 
in my bedroom, I cried and never felt comfortable I felt alone and nobody understand me, and what I had experienced was both of my parents got mentally exhausted from taking care of me, and they got divorced and now I didn’t have what I wanted and need I have to do it myself. 

Altogether: When you arrive, you are the miracle 
God gave me. At first glance, I saw you. The whole world slowly lights up. In my heart, there 
is no one to replace me. The person I want is you, the person I want is you. 
Being together is born and destined for me to love you. 
Don’t doubt, thank the world, it’s raining, 
let me meet you in the vast sea of people, I decided to give you all of my love from now on, 
I saw you the world, at first sight, it slowly 
light up in my heart. 
No one replaces me. 
The person I want is you 
The person I want is you. 
This is born and destined to be born 
we are destined to be born, we should be together, born to be destined to love you. 


  • Nov 21, 2021

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