REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Bool#01, Chapter#03) Read Count : 33

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy

That voice was the voice of the GOD who made the mighty titans for the formation of this dead planet. The voice said to all titans  "I am the creator of all the universe, all stars, planets, sun and all of you! I send you all on this planet to make it alive. I made u from fire, water, thunder and magic. I gave different senses and mode. But you all aren't only titans. You are ELEMENTO KNIGHTS.You all know how to fight. You all have powers to build and destruction. So I want you to make a world in which two types of beings can live. You have the power to make this planet beautiful and full of life so do it". After this all knights understand the order of God and planned there journey of formation of this planet. Because the rotation of this planet was stopped so Hatrex and Zekxious went to the fireside of the planet and Thunderex and Frozera went to the cold side of the planet. Hatrex opened his huge fire wings and flew in the sky. Then he make a huge fireball and smashed it it on the ground for for making mountains lava lakes and forest. Love you the weird thing was that the living source of this side of the planet is fire and heat. After this Hatrex game down and made billions of fire bodies and animals. After 1 day Hatrex builded this fireplace like a fire Paradise. It looked so magnificenced and beautiful. Now its Zekxious turn to soul up all the living things on that planet. He put his hands towards the sky and some dark light came to him and then he widely spreaded it on the fire side of the planet. After this all the living things of that planet which Hatrex was made now have their own souls.They were the first group of living organisms in the whole universe of that time. Hatrex and Zekxious was so happy. All the fire beings were confused. Then Zekxious said to Hatrex "Hatrex I think now we have to tell them that we made them and they have to do what we order them. And I think we want more space to extend our kingdom so we can consume more space and rule on them". But Hatrex refused Zekxious's plan and replied "No brother we supposed to only made them not to rule on them and we consumed all our place, this will may not right that we use other side." Zekxious was not so happy from this decision and said nothing instead of this. Now the fire side of this planet was fully ready to lived everything on this planet was made up from fire and lava the source of life of this side was fire and heat. All the living things have some basic natural powers. Now Hatrex and Zekxious Named this fire side as FIREX the kingdom of fire. On the other side Thunderex and Frozera building the other side of the planet...



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