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Marilyn Manson is very similar to the Edgar Allen Poe of modern music. His songs are all littered with metaphors. His songs, his albums and his overall message that he sends to the world should be understood on an extremely esoteric level. 

He only wants people who are philosophically similar to him to understand him.

I am not going to analyze all the meanings of the lyrics to this song, but I will tell you a few: This song is primarily about the evils of conformism and the evils of Hollywood as there is no better word. This song is a message to Hollywood and to the rest of the world who are not like that, who said he could never survive without being like them, without being perfect. In my opinion, this song is the antithesis of his song New Model No. 15. In this song (s)Ain't he underlines that it is true perfection by being unique and different from everyone else. He is perfect. This is a "fuck you" song that isn't really deep.

I also want to say that what he shows us in the clip is exactly that and nothing more, and that's what he said: "It shows that being a rock superstar is not just glamorous and fame and power. That it's wonderful.  It can be a bitch too."


  • Harmony Vic

    Harmony Vic

    Just a few days ago I learned of Edgar Allan Poe. I started reading through a bunch of his writings, and got myself addicted. Since then, I've been seeing his name everywhere lmao.

    Nov 23, 2021

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