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I got birth in twenty November, 
Month of students are doing paper,
2017 and 19 I become a member,
That is in November. 

If you will not be aware,
Therese no time to be prepare,
You can't change any where, 
That is in November.

If you do in fear,
Everthing will become disappear,
Any work you can't appear,
That is in November.

Month of getting rain,
Other people get ill and pain,
Alot of wild animals and vegitation,
That is in November.

Brocken of roads and become weak,
Timetable interact for all week,
Time you espect you can't meet,
That is in November.

In this month therese no teach,
In Therese village villagers become rich,
Cellebrate like are in therese bitch,
That is in November.

Month of enjoying stage,
Where by people are getting marriage,
Without looking their age,
That is in November.

Month which I care,
Remain few days to be here,
I write it to share,
That is in November.

Have you see how its magic, 
In the world has mantic, 
But remember all months are fantastic,
That is in November.  



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