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A few years ago I met my first Mistress who I started a few years good ego Relationship with her and we both treated each other as normal friends inside and out of the relationship between Us. The Mistress  taught me a lot of valuable stuff and studies about how to treasure a Female Dominant and being obedience and respectful to her in a long term relationship with in the future works and world of Bdsm as a Submissive with her. Including she seems to be a bit wild Mistress with me but she enjoy herself and definitely enjoy teaching me stuff and studies about Bdsm world and lifestyle in the relationship with each other. Now we have together with each other Five years and a half month, we decided that we would be able to take the steps forward in due course to learning about our relationship in different ways so slowly decide to go are different routes. and now we have been apart from each other.
(Maximum time together with each other Five years and a half a month)

Ladies and gentlemen if you are confident and keen to seek out more information about this Blog post I'm willing to give you further details and information via email (Including some names of the following group of people in the blog itself. 


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