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I have high functioning autism and I am married. It not Imposible and it's not hard you just have to be willing to accept adapt and be overly understanding. The first thing to Know is the autism brain is unique our world is different so we think differently from you. Every thing seems black and white to you but to us every is in a mix of many different colors shapes and sizes. So we like routine we ike lists and organizing things. The second thing  change is hard on us. We do do well with sudden change. So if you plan something dont change it at the last minute. Your life will be a serious of systems and charts calenders and sharpies. But aside from that you will experience a love so deep that you will never want to lose it. We will go through hell and back to show you our love because autism prevents us from telling you out loud. But if you lose our love you won't get it back no matter what you do. Autism makes things complicated yes. It can be frustrating and angering. You will wish you could find a cure. And you may even search for one but what you look for you will never find because there is no cure. All you can do Is trial and error and learn and adapt. If a deployed soldier can do it from 5400 something miles away. You can bet you are able to do it from right next to you. Patience acceptance time courage faith and the ability to adapt is all you need. We are not stupid. We are not blind. We know what is real and we know what is fake. So if you going to love us make damn sure it's real and it doesn't fade or change because if it does you will lose us. You because love doesn't change that is fake love. The only love that is real is the kind that is the kind that doesn't change. We need consistency. We need you ti stay the same as you were on the day we did probably the hardest thing we could do that is say with our own words the three most important words you will ever hear us say those words are I love you. It took me 6 months to tell my husband I love you. Had been deployed and got injured the hospital he went to didn't accept the military insurance and he was on death bed. As searched for a way to pay for his treatment I cried for days. I found a way to pay and God bless his doctor for paying for the first few days  treatment Even though and i had to pay him back. The minute my woke up I talked to him and said I love you never do that again. So it may take a while for us to say the words but you will know we love you by our actions. Don't give up on us. 


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