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I wasn't born rich
Nor hooked up with a plug
I'm not one to be in a clique
Y'ALL niggas don't love

I learned the hard way
It's a cold ass world
So many concerned about what I say..
 I'm not YOUR DO girl

I don't need YOUR spot light
I already have mine
If we battle Im'ma fight
I ain't diming mine to let you shine 

Dropping bitches
Is my new thang
I see you still didn't learn after getting them stitches
Ain't a damn thang change

If I cut you off 
It's you to blame
You ain't never been a boss
Now that's a damn shame

Being a busy body
Putting dirt on my name
Keep saying you're a hottie 
But fucking over me you'll be insane 

I don't play about me
But To you it's a game
This life I'm living isn't a fantasy 
Bihh we aren't the same


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