Drowning Again. Read Count : 32

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Dark cold icy fingers reached out to wrap around my mind again. The frigid water closed in around me, screaming was silenced. Love was shut out. I put my head down on covered my face with my hands. I slumped forward. My thoughts stretching into endless hours of defeat. I jeopardized my life. Putting it into my own hands. Trying to hold all the pieces together myself. Worked for a while. But then the tape and glue became old and brittle and things fell apart again. I began to slide down back into the water. A mouthful of saltine went down burning my insides. And then i inhaled the the poison of my death sinking further into the waves my eyes burned within my sockets. I slipped into darkness. Cold covered me with it’s blanket again. I cried out in pain and agony allowing others to penetrate the boarders of my heart. Although tough as nails on the outside, the inside was melted into a puddle of tears. Something wrapped around me. Tight, loving, strong arms, they easily pulled me up and away from the murky darkness. Standing cold and wet, hot tears streamed down my face. Once again my Maker saved me from heading into the darkness. 


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