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Voiceless.....that's my name..
Everytime i walk to the 10th street..
My heart bleeds down street..
I can't hide anything nothing is sweet..
With the pains at heart I leap...
I leap not of joy but I leap from pain..
And so my heart bleeds all day...
I was born this way..
Voiceless but I still ache..

I ache of the pains that I undergo..
I ache for what I fear most..
I ache because I feel my world is lost...
I ache because my words are lost...
For the stars I cry..
Let them light my path at night..
I was born this way...
Voiceless but I still ache..

To the stars I beseech..
And to the moon its face I seek..
Be my voice when I'm voiceless..
Because its in darkness that I learned less..
And to the sun I plead..
Shine brighter in my life I plead..
For I was born voiceless..
But I still ache...



  • Sep 02, 2021

  • Sep 04, 2021

  • Sep 04, 2021

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