THE CUTOFF IS REAL¹ Read Count : 51

Category : Poems

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Nigga talking about saving me for later
Momma didn't raise no fool
I'm not stupid cause I live in a trailer
That shit you done wasn't cool

Been suffering in silent
Haters chasing me for the dollar
Better know when you come I'm violent
Leaving the garrote around your neck collar

I don't cross enemy lines
Or go out my way for the attention
Just know I'm always gunning for mine
Making you see double vision

I don't fuck you 
After you double crossing me
Just know that I'm thru
That's how it's going to be

I'm done wasting my time
While you've occupied my life
You must be out of your mind 
You couldn't even make me your wife

Yet you want the benefits 
Of putting me on pause
While not helping me do shit
But being my downfall

The CUTOFF is real
Find another bitch that will
That's exactly how it is
I don't give a fuck about how you feel


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