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People thought I was a problem 
talking about my flaws and mistakes 
always thought I was a burden 
they didn’t know I’m like other peoples 
due to my symptoms 
I’m a sociable person and good at communicating with other peoples 
sometimes talk about something else 
if I felt discomfort and avoid talking about 
I’m good at navigating socially complex 
situation but not all the time 
nobody knew who I am 
I’m good at making friends and establishes 
romantic relationship at ease 
I can be positive to come to my special interest 
that involves having a boyfriend or be in a relationship with one 
nobody knew who I am 
I have to deal with many of my mood swings 
hard for people to know why 
some things aren’t out of my control 
that affected me 
negative changes and feel other people’s emotions make me overwhelmed at times 
being by myself I can recharge 
problem-solving in my time 
that I can understand the problem in a clear way 
make me what to talk about it 
but, some people don’t want me to think about the past some of them tried to get me to move on from it, or talk about something else 
they just want to avoid talking about it 
how can I resolve the problem? 
they put their hands cover their ears 
tried to pressure me to move on from a relationship I used to have 
nobody knew who I am 
I'm a gift from God 
want to resolve the problem 
all they did was avoiding talk
about the problem 
it makes me feel disgrace 
and disappointed at them, 
they should face it with me 
not talk about it with a few of their best friends 
know my mistakes and flaws was their burden 
whatever they are doing or plan not to talk about it is my burden 
I’m an understandable person in their problems 
all they do was not make it easy for me 
can they just let their guard down? 
talk about how to compromise make it a lot easier than hard. 


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