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You’re so happy go lucky 
Drinking your beer 
Burger and fries
At night, all alone
Does it ever resurface
Your own anger
Your happy go lucky lies 
Cause I’m not afraid to say....
Oh how I’ve tried
Quit all my bad habbits
Gone on dates
Teased and played
And late at night
It resurfaces
Happy go lucky lies
I’m not happy
I’m not happy
Just living and breathing
Laughing, singing, dancing
Happy go lucky
I’m far from happy inside
What I wouldn’t give
To hold you 
Listen to you tell me a lie
Tell me how you’re happy go lucky 
Without me by your side
Call me selfish, toxic
Whatever else up your sleeve
That you choose to believe
Cause I may not be perfect
May not always wake with a smile
Happy go lucky 
There is no happy
And I don’t feel so lucky
All alone
With you and all my habits gone
Bunny Dahlia


  • Bravo, it amazing

    Aug 31, 2021

  • Bunny Dahlia

    Bunny Dahlia

    Thank you

    Aug 31, 2021

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