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I hate living here. There's no diversity. Everyone is immature, and over-dramatic. I don't have many friends, because hardly anyone is worthy of being my friend, and as obnoxious as that sounds, it's just the truth. Not to say that I'm better than any of them, it's just that they're all snobby, and rude, and I can't stand people like that. I don't think they're worthy of any friendship with anyone who doesn't possess their same obnoxious qualities. They rub off on people fast. The snobbiest group just so happen to be popular too. It's always the rude ones. Why is that? They're by far the most annoying bunch. Popular losers. I can't stand them, and the worst part is this: It's as if anyone who doesn't think in exactly the same way that they do, becomes a social outcast almost immediately. They're in every one of my classes, and I'm in all TAG, so they're all considered real smart. But they're not. Compared to most other students who AREN'T in TAG, maybe they might seem to be a bit above average, but they're certainly not smart. Basically, I just hate everyone here, and I can't wait to leave.


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