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I had been in the same problem 
as you do and know what you 
felt when you’re with me, 
I know what it felt like for you, 
you should know this about me, 
I understand your emotional pain 
before you told them 
about what I did to you, 
you thought your secret had locked, 
I already know 
everything you’re tried to hide from me 
what you were talking about 
there is nothing you can do 
I know all you talked about was
my flaws and past mistakes, 
before you told them 
you should understand 
how my teenage years 
was similar to what you went through 
and should know I felt the same things 
as you do 
I used to be busy and dealing with 
similar problem as you do 
I understand you 
I got hurt and rejected 
it’s hard for me to get over it, 
you’re not the only one 
who felt that way 
I have been through the same as you do
used to feel jagged and weak 
when I start a new life
That’s when I first met you, 
never told you this about me, 
it’s hard for me to tell you 
I understand you on an emotional level 
I felt the same pain as you do 
I just didn’t tell you about it 
if I’m willing to tell you already know this about me 
should tell them before you told them 
everything I did to you. 


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