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       Walk with me by this stream so I can explain what I mean.
       You have said before that you feel like you don't know me anymore.
       Let me offer you my hand I want to support you the best I can.
       I can never find my words when I want to tell you I heard your concerns.
       Walk with me, I may not be what you had in your dreams.
        My perfections are non existent, It's a reflection of you that show though when I'm next to you.
        Your the love I know, you're what I understand, my claim, what I think of when I need to be strong.
        I always ask for more than I give, lf I ever led you down it's because I let you carry me around.
      Walk with me through this trail, I want to say I learned, trust me to be what you need. 
       You can lean on me, you can trust that I'm strong enough to carry you.
       I have the tools, I've have been paying attention to all the work you do.

       Walk with me through our eternity.


  • I love this. ♥️ 5 stars.

    Aug 29, 2021

  • Aug 29, 2021

  • Aug 29, 2021

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