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Consumed with thoughts of many yet you not one thought I can read clearly.  Clutter every where I look  inside and outside I don’t know where to start to clean my mess. The one inside my head is the worst. I just want to start over wake refreshed no meth to cloud my brain. I’m fine I hope even though my heart is racing and all I can think is I just want off this scary trip. This is destroying everything I finally see. It only took years fir me to finally agreee with the professionals wow what a trip. I can’t get nothing done can’t think straight. It’s to much for me to take I just want to sleep I have to force myself to sleep and force myself to not take a hit when I wake up. To much of a trip. It’s becoming crystal clear tthat meth is a bad trip. Fog bumps zombies and hoarding and stolen dreams is that meth gives.  


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