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You won’t know what, I feel,
will not care what I think 
never understand why I behaved like a kid 
You won’t know what happens to me 
is a similar problem as you do. 
I had a problem with my teachers 
They didn’t care about my well-being and 
my mental illness accused me of did things 
I never did. 
If you still remembered how you felt for me 
when you first met me, 
I felt the same way as you do 
you shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself 
I had the same things happened to me. 
I understand what you felt 
you should ask me for help 
not ask your best friends for advice 
if you know your problem with me 
are the same things
 I have been dealing with the same things 
as you do. 
I have been in your position 
know what is like for you, 
I understand your emotional pain 
when you were with me. 
Know how hard it is for you, 
I have been through the same as you do 
I know what it felt like 
you shouldn’t put yourself down. 
I understand what you feel 
know your pain within you, 
you don’t have to hide it 
I know your secret about me, 
you don't need to hide it either 
already know everything was about me,
I can spot you and your best friend’s 
all you talk was about my flaws 
and my past mistakes 
the truth is I can’t let go of the past 
because is the same thing 
you can’t let go of my past mistakes 
how can I let go of the past? 
if you won't let go of my past mistakes 
we can understand each other 
can we just be best friends? 
let us be comfortable with each other again 
and trust one another 
let’s see what happen. 


  • Slightly sloppy wording in a few parts but I loved it. 4 stars.

    Aug 27, 2021

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